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Get Paid To Chat. IS IT REAL?

Though there are many sites that claimed to pay for your chats, most of them are closed already.
But there is one that stands the test of time, WOWAPP.

Wowapp is a multi-platform app, (Windows, Linux, Android, iOS) that is more like Facebook Messenger with audio and video calling features.

Here you are paid to:
1. Chat
2. Read news
3. Do task
4. Watch videos
5. Use your browser (PC)
6. Play Games
7. Invite friends

....in short, everything you do here is paid. Not the kind of income that will feed you (unless you work it out hard), but the kind that will pay you for the things that you are already doing.
Build your network by inviting your families and friends and communicate using Wowapp and see your income grow from day to day.

The referral system is 8-levels deep, that is why the top earners are earning $100 above by doing nothing!
You can't join here if you are not invited by someone so I am going to post my invitation for you.

The currency here is called "WOWCOINS". 100 wowcoins is $1.
Earnings are updated every 24 hours after your activity so don't be confused why you can't see your earnings on dashboard immediately.
Payment options are Paypal, Bank Account, and prepaid load.
Only members for 60 days and above can withdraw because every coin can be available to cashout after 60 days of validation.

More questions? Join Wowapp and chat me there. I am an active member and I will teach you about it. I will chat you first if you register under my invitation.

If there is any problem, broken links, or any concerns, you can contact me using the details below.

Contact no. : 09087718427
Email: nitoriurogue@gmail.com

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