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Bitcoin Miner for Any Computer

Mining Crypto while surfing the internet

    While searching for a legitimate passive income, I came across this one. A browser with a capability to mine bitcoins in any computer and it is 8x faster than Chrome. Yes, you read it right, 8x FASTER!
        I read reviews all over the internet and their verdicts about this is all the same. THIS IS LEGIT.
Income is not that big, it will depend on how high your specs are and with a 10 level deep referral system, it is sure to have a decent passive income with this.
     I measured the CPU's stress level when using this and it is not that high, meaning it is not harmful to the PC. Also, this browser can install extensions from Chrome Store proving that Chrome is partnered with this one.
All you have to do is install it and use it as a regular browser, the mining will process itself. Once you reached 0.00001 BTC, you can withdraw it to any Bitcoin wallet you have.

Here is the download link in case you wanna try: DOWNLOAD HERE

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